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    Forum rules

    Post by ItsATroll on Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:43 pm

    Ehh, **ehh hi** Hey! Fellow trolls (Very Happy))
    I know everyone loves rules, so here's some...

    Don't spam
    No spamming.

    No cheating
    Don't post videos that you don't own, or your troll rank will be put down completely, if you just want to show a friends troll vid, then you need proof you got permission, even if hes a close friend. No fake videos.

    No trolling other trolls on TrollHQ, well...don't take it too far, save that for the squeakers :"D

    No foul profile pictures, you know what I mean...

    No avatars that are huge and over up a thread.

    **We are not responsible for the consequences that happen to you if you get into trouble for a trolling act.**

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